Our mission is to give everyone on the planet opportunities via talent transformation to have a job or business they love with a decent income and global perspectives. The more people will get their dream jobs — the higher level of happiness, health, and wealth we can create in the world.

Do you believe you can find a career you love?

Our mission
We just need to support this drive and mentor all the curious minds to achieve their goals. And we have done this successfully for more than 5 years. That is why the idea of self-initiated education focused on personal development stands in the center of our culture. And that is why Primeclass was born actually.

Life-Long Learning

Primeclass is a team of true lifelong learners. We believe that all humans in the world have a natural drive to explore the unknown, learn the uncharted and grow continuously to improve their quality of life and sense of self-worth.

or "How to screw up the startup and still feel happy about it"

Primeclass University was born first as Heartbeat Education — the digital platform that helped teachers, masters, mentors and coaches to create their own training products and find online students all over the world. It provided an alternative to classical training at universities and schools and only the right knowledge for the real world.
Here the brief history of Primeclass started
Each expert could create their own product and place it on the platform, getting a handy tool for automating the students` launch into training. We also developed special courses for authors — teaching them how to create training videos and monetize them.
And then the second Primeclass` value was born...


Sounds great, yeah? But — ooops — it is a story of big fuck up! The idea was brilliant, we had inspired professional team and a number of customers. But the real world is a cruel place for dreamers. Meanwhile as life long learners we believe that mistakes are priceless for success, both your own and others, so we are happy to share our expirience with you.
Fuck Up №1 — Small market & No money
Fuck Up №2 — Quality sucks!
The platform was invented not for students first, but for teachers and lectors. One day we found out that the amount of proactive authors is miserable as well as their skills in marketing, sales and tech. That meant our first business model failed quickly.
What if we could help authors with those things they cannot do themselves? Our solution was in the second business model. Our team took the part with marketing and perfomance to boost sales for our customers. Then the next problem appeared — the quality of their products was awful. Even the super-star marketing guru can do nothing with that. So that was the sign we needed a huge transformation.
We realized that we didn't just want to create a variety of products on the platform, but also to curate educational programs to improve their quality. So that each course would be the best among the competition, both in form and content.
Our students get the best results on their projects, assembling them into a competitively polished portfolio. They get the feedback answering directly to their questions. They have a mentoring team that really helps to overcome learning barriers and solve personal difficulties.

Focusing on results

This also applies to the internal Primeclass team: we value results, not hard work. Outstanding results, perhaps with minimal effort, are rewarded with more responsibility and excellent compensation. We don’t measure people by how many evenings or weekends they are in their cube. We do try to measure people by how much, how quickly and how well they get work done – especially under deadline.
What does it mean for students?
And For the team?

Primeclass University

Our students have a better opportunity to pursue the profession they love:
In 2021, Heartbeat Education became Primeclass University. We made a big leap forward. We significantly expanded the Primeclass team — more than 50 people working remotely from different cities of Ukraine.
We assembled an in-house production team to shoot high-quality video products. Opened the Team University for regular staff training. Developed our own corporate culture, told in Growth Book.
New chapter
Feedback is the next important value that allows us to move toward our goals, launch new products and grow fast...
  1. More convenient and faster learning platform.
  2. Beautiful and functional design for our website, educational materials and products.
  3. High quality training programs based on unique learning methodology.
  4. Monetization Laboratory Bootcamp.
  5. Deep and professional feedback by a team of Experts, Coaches, Student Advisors, Teaching and Technical Mentors.

Total feedback

Total feedback is the link between all the pillars of Primeclass` Corporate Culture, the product lifecycle and the customer. Like a red thread, it runs from our values to student`s results.
Feedback helps us create a safe space for experimentation. We make connections. We synchronize. We're constantly checking the situation around us and can be flexible to change quickly. Cause the world is constantly changing. Unfortunately, not always happily.
To provide the best feedback for our students we use a matrix of principles and professional Customer Success Team — Experts, Coaches, Student Advisors, Teaching Mentors, Technical Mentors. To provide the best feedback for our Team we use everyday instant communication rules, sessions 360 and atmosphere of trust and mutual assistance. We know how to accept and give sometimes painful and uncomfortable feedback in order to create a more efficient work process and a better product in the marketplace.
What does it mean for students?
And For primeclass?

War in Ukraine

We`re here now. From February 24th with the first sounds of bombs in our cities and the first requests for help by Ukrainians, we decided to make crucial decisions for our business.
We opened a platform to help Ukrainian refugees. In the first month of the war, more than 3 million people left our country, as well as hundreds of thousands of internally displaced people appeared. They all needed help finding transportation, directions, housing, food and clothing. We offered our attention and resources to volunteer. We also opened a donation campaign for the army and refugees.

We also constantly remembered our mission, which has become even more urgent. People still need a job they love in order to increase happiness in a world full of pain and suffering. We began to rebirth, finding new markets and transforming our programs to bootcamps. We had to become even more flexible in order to survive.
now we are here
We no longer work with Russia and Belarus. We will not cooperate with countries that destroy our country and kill our people.
This makes us strong, flexible, creative and growing fast.


Fast decisions. In-time changes. Better solutions. Flexibility helps us to be alive even if the world makes pivots constantly.
Our team members know nothing about bureaucracy and old-fashioned management. They have freedom to change their locations, vacation dates and working schedules. They can trust the flexibility of their team and experiment more for better results. But also — we know, that our team is flexible enough to support the company during hard times.
Our students get personalized service and relevant skills. They can change their schedule, learn wherever and whenever they are, using a wide range of tools. They are free in changing their goals and improving standarts.
What does it mean for students?
And For the team?

Primeclass Career Transformation

New reality creates new challenges and solutions. Using our best experience we decided to enter a new market with our unique educational system to give our students more opportunities.
So we use our flexibility
Our bootcamp content from top experts built into perfectly vetted curriculum using specified methods and principles of adult learning. This curriculum always goes through several feedback sessions — done by our advisors, mentors and students.
And all this is possible with one more important value...
We created a Fast Track to the career you love with decent income and global perspectives — for every adult learner. It helps people all over the world to boost their talents and skills. Extensive career tracks are adjustable to students` needs and goals. We use a wide range of training tools personalizing them for every single client, focusing on results.
Highly-Vetted Curriculum
Students receive feedback from more than one person:
  • Mentor feedback on your assignments, portfolio and subject matter questions.
  • Student advisor feedback on your learning progress and skills, technical questions.
  • Peer feedback on your victories and bottlenecks.
We also take feedback from our students about every interaction with mentors and advisors to be sure that we help achieve their career success.
Personalized Feedback
Working on projects students create their job-ready portfolio and gain the experience needed for it. We give them only real-world cases to practise more and put the best results to polished portfolio. It can be placed on every freelance platform just the next second after bootcamp is finished.
Real-World Projects
We still learn a lot to gain absolutely new skills from scratch. We explore and apply, and set experiments — just to make sure our students get the best on the market. We are data-driven. And creative.
We have big and inspiring goals. More products, more students, more results, a bigger team. New training formats and better knowledge, rock-star experts and revolutionary feedback systems. Sounds like Primeclass, doesn't it?
We are responsible for our actions and we have freedom in our decisions. Freedom and responsibility are the culture of adult people.

Freedom and Responsibility

Although our team members have total community support and 360 degree sessions, they don`t need nursing. They are responsible for their projects, decisions, experiments and results. They know how to improve their skills and increase income using corporate tools and culture.
Although our students have a huge support team and personalized feedback, they don't need a babysitter. They are responsible for their successes and failures, building their lives and careers with the help of our bootcamp resourses.
What does it mean for students?
And For the team?


Outstanding people who make Primeclass possible.
Founder & CEO
Ivan Kovpak
Focused on strategic business development. Supervises the execution of business plans and the achievement of long-term goals.
Head of Marketing
Geoff Chadwick
Plays a key role in bringing a strategic, coordinated marketing approach to Primeclass. Keeps our products vital to ensuring the continued growth and retention of members and the achievement of income targets to ensure the organization remains sustainable and independent.
Dean, Head of Operations
Anna Patoka
Works on improving the service and user experience. Takes care of the continuous operation of the platform.
Head of Talent Capital and Infrastructure
Olga Karpenko
Supports high team productivity by creating healthy working conditions and infrastructure.
Content Lead
Yulia Brachuk
Creates a strategy and tactics for our external communications. So that you are interested in reading and endlessly involved in the learning process.
Dean, Design Lead
Alexey Grishko
Develops beautiful and functional curricula, improves methodology, makes the product convenient and easy to use.
Analytics Lead
Kirill Kostyurin
Closely monitors all the indicators of the service so that Primeclass can give the coolest learning experience, and students achieve their goals.
Head of product, Dean, Production Lead
Alexander Slyadnev
Organizes the educational process, develops training programs on the Primeclass methodology and helps in creating visual materials for the service.
Head of Outreach
Taras Paslavskiy
Takes the lead on the strategy and planning of all our communications work, and works closely with colleagues working on fundraising and outreach to consider consistently high-quality messages and campaigns.
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