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Empowering professional bootcamps, designed to enhance your skills, portfolio and employability to access the job market. Весоme a creative food photographer with us and start your own business from scratch.



A Game-Changing Learning Experience

We rewrite learning DNA for success. We created structured bootcamps designed by photography experts and experienced coaches aimed to help you become a professional photographer. The unique Primeclass Boosting Framework helps you to start a career, find a job or business you love with a decent income and global perspectives.
Сhallenging, motivating, professional. Our curriculum is created by the best photographers, retouch masters and coaches. They spent months evaluating, writing and curating our library of lessons. You will get only on trend tips and rules retrieved in accordance with more than 15 years of experience by leaders of the industry. Learn only what you need in the real world. Content is continually reviewed and updated to ensure our resources remain current and relevant.

Highly vetted curriculum

Project-based learning encourages you to put your knowledge and skills into practice immediately. It is the easiest way to get ready for your new career. Real-world projects increase your prospects of being selected by customers and entering the photography job market faster than others.

Real world projects

Your talent is unique. Verify your core competencies through personalized feedback. Get professional reviews of your works and projects online, personal guidance, technical assistance and more. We dig deep to find an appropriate feedback response that gives you courage for the great results. Thanks to project-based learning and qualified feedback you get a perfectly polished portfolio.


Impress your future employees with a professional portfolio. We build our curriculum around portfolio design so that you work on a portfolio throughout the program. At the end of the bootcamp you get a full collection of projects that showcase your skills, so you can construct a unique personal brand and truly stand out from the crowd of photographers.


Convenience & Flexibility

Keep your work-life balance still comfortable but evolving. Set your learning goals and move at your own pace.
If you cannot attend our live meetings with Experts — get your feedback through emails! You have Mentors that are aimed to help you. If you need personalized feedback in a special way, you can ask for it from your Advisor.

Ask for options

Bootcamp`s curriculum is flexible and can be personalized for every single student`s purpose. You can go back to a previous topic or skip a few that you already know. Just set the requirements of your ideal learning experience with your Teaching Mentor.

Adjust the curriculum

Feel free to adjust learning process to your life. Bootcamp`s curriculum is flexible and can be personalized for every single student`s purpose. Just set the requirements of your ideal learning experience with your Teaching Mentor.

Take a break

You can submit your assignments for review as many times as you want and need. The main goals of our bootcamp are stunning results and strong skills. We promote the idea of feedback loop. So you can improve your projects until you get a polished version.

Feedback loop

You’re in charge of your time. You have 24/7 access to the platform. Study at any time of the day or night, in the café and at the airport, during your lunch break and on vacation, while the kids are having a nap or dinner is on the stove. Online program is flexible and not stitched to the Expert`s schedule.

Set the schedule

Target the knowledge to your goals!

Become a food photographer

Learn the art of food photography to gain a professional skill. Work easily with natural and artificial light. Enroll now to make professional photo shoots for social media and books, food blogs and restaurant menus — and feel the power of high-quality food photos for your career.
4 Months
At 5-10 hrs/week
March 21, 2022
Get access to classroom immediately on enrollment
Mirorless or DSLR Camera & basic photography knowledge
See prerequisites in detail
Prerequisites you needed
Any Mirorless or DSLR Camera with telephoto lens such as:
  1. For Canon: Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM Lens
  2. For Fujifilm: FUJIFILM XF 80mm f/2.8 R LM OIS WR Macro Lens
  3. For Nikon: Nikon NIKKOR Z MC 105mm f/2.8 VR S Macro Lens
  4. For Sony: Sony FE 90mm f/2.8 Macro G OSS Lens

Note: We do not recommend any specific camera or lens model. There is no good or bad camera for food photography, it's all individual. The best camera is the one you have and it gives you an opportunity to start learning today.

Objective criteria for camera lens in food photography are: 
  • it`s suitable for your camera;
  • the focal length varies from 60mm to 135mm;
  • macro mode;
  • prime lens is perfect, but zoom lens is good too.

Basic photography knowledge — you know such primary photography theory as:
  • technical features of the camera and its` construction;
  • exposure: aperture, shutter speed, ISO. You know how to deal with semi-automatic or manual mode;
  • basics of light pattern: what is soft and hard light, what is drawing light, fill light, backlight and background light;

During the first month of bootcamp you need to get the following lighting equipment: strobe or continuous light source, synchronizer, stand, softbox (the approximate cost of the kit is $500-800). More information on manufacturers and the best lighting kit options can be found in the training programme.

Meet the PRO's. Change the world using their knowledge.

Learn from an
industry insider
Aleksander Slyadnev
In a year, I grew from a good but ordinary photographer who takes ordinary photos to a world-class photographer with the biggest orders and clients. And I'm going to share with you my technology. The technology that has allowed me to become one of the best food photographers in the world.
Food-Photographer & Expert at Primeclass
years` experience in professional photography
years` in teaching and coaching practice
TOP-100 best food photographers in the world according to the British Journal of Photography
Cooperated with the best Michelin restaurants in Europe and Asia
A career pivot needs courage and motivation. We help you keep moving by your path, break the glass ceiling, and meet your life goals. Feel like a family member.

Get a support that really cares

Students love us ♥

Ann Ursul
If someone is choosing a photography course right now, then Alexander Slyadnev is definitely for you! Here you will find a lot of new and useful things for yourself, whether you are a beginner photographer or a pro. The material is presented in an accessible way, interesting homework assignments, assistance in any questions by Alexander and curators, plus an hour of students with advice and support. I recommend!
Alex Alario
Alexander Slyadnev's photography course is my favorite course :) A course that teaches you to think and love your job. Alexander is a subtle strategist. I like his positively realistic approach. It is also interesting to listen to invited professionals from different areas of photography. Learn - develop and enjoy your results: what could be better?
Mary Gamme
I'm going through an online training in food photography with Alexander. Very interesting school with interesting material and teaching system. The structure and presentation materials facilitate the learning process, which captivates from the very first video lessons. Training from Alexander makes not only the brain move, but also the arms / legs, because to take a photo at sunset / dawn / blue hour - you need to find a beautiful location!
I am very glad that I chose this school!
Alex Chernova
I do photography 2.5 weather. All this time I was looking for my own style, worked in different specializations and just got 100% practice. When I fully realized that photography is my lifestyle, I started looking for a photography school. And then, in the next attempts to find "the one", I found the amazing course of Alexander Slyadnev, who captivated me from the very first seconds with his solar energy of Life and Creativity. I started watching lessons and webinars, doing homework and analyzing photos, and understanding my own camera. I am in a bright delight from the wise combination of knowledge and practice. Alexander is a miracle worker and a master of his craft, he explains everything so expressively and clearly that it is simply impossible not to fall in love and drown in the creative flow. I want to say one thing... Thank you. Thank you from the Heart of Alexander, all his teachers, administrators and students. You create real art in this vast World
Valery Kobets
I have been studying photography online for about 3 months, so I can give a review based on experience. Alexander Slyadnev's course is a place where learning is pleasant: each topic is divided into subtopics, and the training videos do not last long, which allows you not to lose concentration, and it's easier to tune in to learning, even after a hard day's work. Homework is checked twice a week, so it's easy to adjust to your schedule. All training video lessons are conducted by Alexander himself, and he knows how to present the material perfectly: his speech is alive and not monotonous, and his knowledge is backed up by tremendous experience. During the training, not only material is given that you need to outline yourself, but also guides in a convenient format. Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that the training takes place in a convenient format and captivates from the first lessons.
Daria ProPhoto
Very cool format! I never believed in online learning, and I was very skeptical about this business, but I was surprised when I really saw the result, when you look forward to moving from task to task, when you see how you grow professionally and it's very cool! Thanks.
Tanya Rosca
Alexander Slyadnev's photography course is the best decision I could make this year. The entire program is very well structured and understandable. With each new lesson, more and more interesting! Very very satisfied!!! I feel like Gagarin in space!!!
Dmitry Rodionov
I have been taking photographs since I was a child. Then the time for film photography ended. A SLR digital camera was purchased. But it turned out to be not so simple. And no matter how hard I tried, I did not get photographs that would please me and those around me. Abandoned the camera for several years, but the desire to engage in photography took its toll. I started watching YouTube tutorial videos. And then I came across a video tutorial by Alexander Slyadnev. I have watched all his videos on youtube. And after a couple of days, I started studying on Alexander's online course. This is not just training - it is a storehouse of knowledge. All knowledge in the art of photography is given consistently and in a simple, at the same time very competent language. I am very glad that out of a large number of proposals for teaching photography, I chose Alexander Slyadnev. I am currently continuing my education. Thanks a lot to Alexander for not only creating his own school, but putting all his knowledge and soul into it!!!
Alena Bykava
I studied with another photographer before, so I immediately say that there is someone to compare with - Alexander is certainly a good teacher, clearly expresses his thoughts, approaches work responsibly and he really has something to learn even for an experienced photographer. The course is well thought out, throughout the training there is support both from the course staff and from Alexander himself. Definitely recommend!
Before Alexander Slyadnev's course, I only intuitively understood what to do in order to learn food photography. Now I have, one might say, a well-defined plan. I wanted to dig deeper. It was very important and useful for me to watch, study and try the whole process of creating a photograph of a dish - building a composition, setting the light, flash settings, reflectors, camera settings, etc. It's nice to know that I'm on the right track, the only thing left is to study and practice a lot, a lot
Thanks to Sasha for the relaxed atmosphere, for the subtleties that I guessed, maybe, but Sasha put everything in my head on the shelves, however, before blowing up my brain, tired after the road. Sasha, I repeat, you are cool. Even if we discard your profession and everything connected with it, you are cool :) I love relaxed people with a slightly daring sense of humor :) Our man :)) And one more thing. Despite the fact that I myself once taught composition, for me some things were just a revelation :)
Galina Vityuk
These photos and Alexander Slyadnev's course are definitely my Jackpot in studying photography. This course is not just about how such photographs are created. Sasha shows and tells: how to create a story/emotions in a frame, about composition and compositional grids, lighting rules, and also shares tricks and special effects that he uses himself. This information and knowledge is necessary and important, but the experience gained is unique. After training, I feel more confident in my abilities and found out that I can actually do more than I think. The next day, I even plucked up the courage and asked for an assistant for a real shoot in a restaurant with another photographer (and we are almost strangers)
That's why I love training with Alexander, so it's for his impeccable structure - no chaos on the set, no chaos in training: everything is logical, everything is natural, everything is thought out in the frame to the last detail, in the end - everything is fine! And the second - for his unbridled dedication to inspiration and creativity! This is just an avalanche of creativity, which is transmitted from Sasha by airborne droplets, it seems, to everyone around and, judging by how the group is still charged, it is not quickly treated. Respect and gratitude from the bottom of my heart!
That feeling when one event gives you more than years of learning with the help of books and videos, and ignites you for new work. Sasha, thank you for what you do: simple, easy, fun, useful and for people. Inspiration for the year ahead. Finally I'll start shooting and purely for myself
Integrity is powerful

Future you stand on your mates` shoulders.

Share the success stories

Share the failure cases

Expand the network

Get inspired by your fellow`s successful cases and present the results of your own project to the team — keeping the high level of motivation between the community.
Mistakes and mishaps — are the biggest gifts you can gain from a PRO or you can share as a leader to speed up the learning process.
Having a wide number of friends and colleagues all over the world gives you more exploring opportunities and creative resources.
Our curriculum is based on real life projects that reproduce the conditions of work with clients. Learn how to shoot from basic to trendy food photography cases to tackle big professional challenges and put the perfectly polished photo in your portfolio.

Hands-on projects for job-ready portfolio

Not a coffee morning
This case can be implemented at home using simple accessories. You will learn how to work with the morning atmosphere, create simple compositions, and manage exposures with an extended dynamic range. Thanks to the large number of references that go with this assignment, you will get basic skills of composing your clients' mudboards, working with high-key footage, and creating morning mood shoots, which is necessary for clients in the culinary industry.
Step-by-step recipe
This case will require planning and creating a story in a series of photographs. You'll need to hold the same quality conditions for the light, composition, and story right from the list of ingredients to the final dish. Thanks to this assignment, you'll learn to plan and organize not only individual photos, but entire series, which greatly expands your possibilities as a food photographer. 

This case gives you all the tools to work with bloggers and cooking book authors, or set up your own cooking project.
Grande cuisine photography
This project is waiting for you at the end of your training. It requires all the professional techniques in food photography. You have to find a real business, a restaurant that needs you — an ambitious food photographer with creative ideas. This case teaches you negotiating with real clients and holding a photo shoot for them. Get all the necessary soft skills of planning, creating arrangements and communication.

Restaurant food photography is one of the most common ways for a food photographer to make money. Every restaurant needs engaging food photos for menu, advertising or social media. Restaurant owners pay high budgets for their food photos — they know that this marketing activity increases the average check up to 4-9% monthly.


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